Sawtelle: The Cultivation of a Japanese American Community

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Title: Sawtelle: The Cultivation of a Japanese American Community

Text written by: Rachel Cho

Edited, designed, handbound, and printed by: Jenny Yee

Photography, unless otherwise noted: Andrew Sanchez

Illustration by: Andrea Offermann

Trim Size: 8 x 13 inches

Method of binding: Japanese Stab Stitching

Printer: Inkjet Printing

Quantity Printed: 42 (All books are handmade, numbered and signed by Jenny Yee)

Paper: Text paper — Neenah Paper: Avanlanche white 70 lb. smooth Classic Crest text paper, Yatsuo — (Japanese handmade paper) used for the cover and the end paper, Gekkyuden — (Japanese calligraphy writing paper) used for quotes and facts that run throughout the book, and Paperwood — used for custom bookmark that is in the shape of a flowerpick

Pages: 61

Edition: Hardcover

Description: Sawtelle is a central Japanese community in the west Los Angeles area, that has a long history of Japanese Americans settling in the area. The Sawtelle area was transformed into a bustling ethnic community by the toils of the Japanese American gardeners. Gardening as an occupation was the only job available to Japanese Americans after the war. Much of the immigration history of Japanese Americans has been well documented, but there are very few stories that have conveyed the significance of gardening as an integral part of their settlement in California. This richly illustrated volume includes essays on the history of Sawtelle, history of Japanese Americans and Gardening, and stories of Japanese Americans who still reside on Sawtelle today.

Price: $350 includes shipping and tax


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